Today! The Information Ethics SIG Presents a Panel at ALISE Annual

Dear ALISE PIE community,

Today, Wednesday, September 22nd from 3:15 to 4:45 EST the Information Ethics SIG will present a participatory session on “(Re)envisioning an Information Ethics/Policy Course for the Future.”

From the abstract:

This session of the ALISE Information Ethics SIG will serve as a focal point for conversations about ethics education for resilience, with a special emphasis on collaboratively developing competency-driven goals, learning objectives, and measurable outcomes. Resilience is a cross and interdisciplinary idea, residing in psychological, educational, sociological, ecological, and economic circles. The more of these perspectives are represented in a live course planning session, the greater the potential is to create well-rounded, research-grounded, teaching modules for the information ethics curriculum that can lead to sustained efforts.

You can view more about the session at the virtual conference website.

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