Today! The Information Policy SIG Presents a Panel at ALISE Annual

Dear ALISE PIE community,

Today, Tuesday, September 21st from 1:00 to 2:30 EST the Information Policy SIG will deliver a panel presentation titled, “Pedagogical Practices for Information Policy Instruction.”

From the abstract:

The panelists to come together and discuss pedagogical practices related to information policy. We understand that a strong grasp of information policy is crucial to shaping the next generation of LIS leaders, and this panel will be geared toward the design and application of meaningful curricula toward that end. Specifically, our call for papers will request panelists prepared to discuss their experiences as professors or other teaching faculty in which they describe a singular learning experience, assessment, or object that they used in their class. The ultimate goal of this dynamic, interactive panel is for the attendees to be able to walk away with fresh ideas for implementing new, vetted information policy pedagogical elements in their courses.

You can view more about the session at the virtual conference website.

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