Join and Get Involved

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are the lifeblood of ALISE. They provide ways for the membership to identify alike interests, network, and learn from one another. From masters and PhD students to the most senior scholars and professionals, SIGs welcome any and all to join and participate. The Information Policy (IP) and Information Ethics (IE) SIGs reflect the distinct and overlapping interests in policy and ethics issues associated with libraries and the information sciences.

How Do I Join?

It’s easy to join the SIGs and get involved in their communities: simply select the SIG you’d like to join when starting/renewing your ALISE membership. There is no cost to join!

How Do I Get Involved?

There are four ways to quickly get involved with the SIGs:

  1. Attend the SIG’s business meeting at ALISE’s annual conference.
    The business meetings report on the past year’s activities, provide updates on ongoing initiatives, enable the SIG membership to bring up ideas and issues for conversation, and are the time when leadership opportunities emerge for consideration (including informal voting on a new convener(s)).

  2. Contact the leadership team.
    The leadership team can provide you information on what initiatives are ongoing and where there are needs for volunteers. There is never a time where there is not a need for participation—so, please inquire!

  3. Propose initiatives.
    If there is some initiative or project that you would like to pursue with support of the membership, contact the leadership team to discuss your ideas. The leadership team will help support and facilitate your ideas.

  4. Communicate directly with SIG members.
    Every SIG has its own listserv to which you are subscribed when you join a SIG. You can quickly communicate with SIG members using this listserv. Find out more about ALISE listservs here. Alternatively/additionally, the leadership team welcomes posts to the blog; posts are also auto-published to the joint Twitter account.